Purifier High-Flux Dialyzer


A member of Purifier Family, proven clinical record, renowned biocompatibility,

The capillaries are made of Membrana’s new technology PUREMA Polyethersulfone membranes. Clinical studiew proved outstanding performance of Purifer High-Flux Dialyzers thanks to its new technology Polyethersulfone membrane structure.

  • Excellent and stable clearances throughout the treatment
  • Significantly enhanced LMW protein removal
  • Low albümin loss
  • Excellent biocompatibility of advanced synthetic membrane significantly lower complement generation
  • Steeper sieving profile
  • Oxygen-free gamma sterilization maintains membrane integrity
  • Caps on dialysate ports help prevent contamination
  • Wide range of sizes to better match performance to patient needs

Technical Data


High-flux   120


High-flux    140


High-flux    160


High-flux    180


High-flux    200

Effective Membrane Area (m2) 1,2 m2 1,4 m2 1,6 m2 1,8 m2 2,0 m2
Priming Volume (mL) 67 74 87 96 108
UF Coefficient (mL/h/mmHg) 52 58 67 75 84
KoA Urea

(Qk300 ml/min, Qd500 ml/min.)

849 961 1083 1214 1382
Membrane Polyethersulfone (PES)
Sterilisation Gamma Rays
Max. TMP 600 mmHg
Wall Thickness 30µm
Inner Diameter 200µm

Specifications & performance data at clearance in vitro (ml/min) Qk=300 ml/min, Qd=500 ml/min, Qf=0 ml/min,T=37 OC.

KUF measurement using bovine blood (Hct % 32; Protein 60 g/L)

Performance data were measured in vitro according to standard EN 1283.