Medicore Health quality and safety

Farmasol manufactures most of the products stocked and distributed by Medicore Health.

Based in Turkey, Farmasol’s production facilities operate under strict international quality standards.

More about Farmasol

Farmasol was established in 2005 and has steadily grown to become one of the world’s foremost leaders in the manufacture of hemodialysis machine consumables. Operating in line with international standards, they have been an obvious choice for dialysis consumables used to save lives across South Africa. products are relied upon more and more every year.

Medicore Health quality promise

Farmasol, Medicore Health’s primary supplier, relies on ever-improving research and technology to produce consistently high quality dialysis machine consumables. Farmasol products are manufactured in line with global health and safety standards, including those of the European Medicines Agency. The EMA guides the regulations and requirements surrounding testing, safety, effectiveness, manufacturing, labelling and distribution, all of which contribute to Farmasol’s ability to keep a first class quality management system.

Quality assurance at Farmasol

Farmasol’s manufacturing policies comply with all state and local laws and regulations pertaining to all products that they develop, manufacture or sell. Farmasol periodically evaluates and reviews its quality management system and follows continuous improvement to promote product and service quality. Although it is not a common requirement, the “clean room concept” is widely used at Farmasol’s production site.


  • Sterile production environments
  • ‘Class 10 000’ clean rooms
  • AISI 316 L quality stainless steel surfaces in production facilities
  • Extensive water purification protocol
  • Facilities undergo optical inspection
  • Trained and qualified professionals working in manufacturing
  • Ongoing deviation analysis
  • High-quality raw materials

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